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Every day counts: Aaron Wood

Every day counts: Aaron Wood

When somebody says he or she is a “behavior intervention coordinator” what comes to mind— breaking up fights, discipline policy, or suspending students? As Aaron Wood describes his job, it is much more systematic and based on science than most people realize. Aaron’s job and personal mission is to revitalize the district’s Positive Behavioral and Intervention Supports (PBIS) program in all MPUSD schools. What does a typical day entail? 

“I travel to several school sites to work directly in classrooms with individual students or sometimes observe what’s going on within an entire classroom. I collaborate with the principal to identify and put priority strategies in place. Often I take in the bigger picture by walking the halls and getting a sense of the whole school climate and culture. When implemented according to the program’s specifications, PBIS promises improving the climate and culture of schools and even the central office.” 

“I’ve worked here just shy of two years,” says Aaron, “and I transitioned into this role after 15 years in the private sector working for an educational consulting company.” He says, “I am excited and privileged to be supporting implementation of PBIS under this new administration. We’ve built a great foundation, achieved a clear conceptual framework, and are operating from a model that takes helps us clearly understand challenges and barriers to program effectiveness.”

It’s hard to talk single out one of the district’s big goals without talking about all of them; but Aaron says, “Our work on behavior and culture directly impacts our ability to design and maintain high quality learning environments for all students and staff. A safe welcoming environment for everybody has to be at the core of what we aim for and what we ultimately strive for in our work.” 

The district’s current leadership and vision seems to be “really solid” and he’s “very happy” about that. He cites the extensive engagement of district employees, students and families as having started positive things to happen.

As to five MPUSD values, Aaron identifies with “every day counts.” Every day does count – "I ask teachers to reflect on how today’s lesson went, learn from it, and apply what they learned going forward. We talk about catching kids being good and every moment is an opportunity for learning!

As to the future Aaron says succinctly, “We have momentum and we need to keep moving forward.”