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Naomi Allen: We're better together

Naomi Allen: We're better together

“My job is to make sure everyone has what they need and that everything is going smoothly everyday,” says Naomi Allen, School Office Supervisor at Seaside High School. Colleagues consider Naomi as the de facto “hub” of the school. When asked what that entails, she answers, saying that she does something new every day and that each day is not like any other, and she likes that. If someone has a question it frequently lands in her lap, and she says that her colleagues even come to her for personal and professional advice fairly often. No wonder she is at the center of things.

Naomi has seen a lot of changes over her seven years in the district, and she has worked at elementary, middle, and high school levels. “I never thought I would work in education,” she says. 

Raised in Seaside and home schooled through eighth grade, and then onto North Monterey County High School, Naomi comes from family of educators — I never thought I too would end up working in schools. I got my first job as a clerk at Marshall Elementary School and things just took off from there. Before coming to Seaside Naomi also did a stint at Colton Middle School. However, Naomi says she really likes working at Seaside so far because “I can interact with students more thoughtfully.”

When asked how her work connects to the Board of Education’s four big goals, she answers, “Probably goals 3 and 4 – I impact the classroom environment by making sure students and staff have what they need to do their jobs well. I also help the principal manage the budget and help keep it focused on our important goals.”

What MPUSD value resonates most for Naomi? She quickly nominates “We’re better together.” Why? In her words, “We ARE better together when people can set aside personal differences, and focus on what’s good for kids. I am going to help out as much as possible and give my best effort to support our mission — sometimes we get lost in the fine print and forget our important goals.”

Naomi looks at the road ahead and sees lots of positives for Seaside and MPUSD as a whole. “What excites me is to get up every morning and to come here because of the positive environment. Everyone is happy to be here. They are cheery. My first day I felt so welcomed. Been like that ever since. Coming to a positive environment is what gets me up and gets me going.” She also notes that the district is offering more trainings and that is exciting.

“I am really happy to see the way the district is going. It wasn’t a positive place to work before. There seemed to be a lot of folks who didn’t like MPUSD, staff and parents alike. That has definitely given way to a more positive approach, and I am excited to see where it goes."