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Yao Yu

Every person matters: Yao Yu

J390. Title I, II and III. Con App. LCAP. General entries and more. To the average lay person these terms are perplexing. For Categorical Program Analyst Yao Yu, these terms and more brighten her day. Even better, Yao understands the significant impact her role and the Business Services department has on student achievement.

When asked what she loves about her job, Yao is quick to respond, “I like to help people and provide the best service to customers. Now that I am working for kids, I want to provide the best service to those kids. It is on behalf of the students that we need to wisely use our funds to provide the best service to them.”

While quiet in nature, Yao's role is mighty. She is responsible for fiscal reconciliation of federal programs, including Title I, II, III, as well as the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP). She develops budget, approves purchase orders, ensures the utilization of correct budget account strings, checks for appropriate activities to ensure they match original plans. She also monitors the budgets for the New Teacher Programs and IMC-Lottery Proposition 20. Shy about taking credit for her work, Yao lists Assistant Superintendent Dan Albert, and her two immediate supervisors Susan Ziebell and Janet Lee, as her role models. "They are always working so hard," she exclaims! Yao says she also loves her job because “Superintendent PK Diffenbaugh encourages us when he speaks. I like his work style – it involves a lot of detail to make our organization better.”

Yao came to the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District nearly two years ago as a general fund accountant, but her love of numbers quickly got her promoted to a program analyst. “I love to deal with numbers and get the best results,” says Yao. “It’s about number optimization and that is why I love to do accounting." Prior to joining the MPUSD family, Yao worked for the Monterey County Office of Education, and before that she was a resident of Toronto and Montreal, where she earned her degree, and worked for as an accountant.

Outside of work, Yao and her husband, Alex, reside in Spreckels with their three children, cat and two dogs. Next time you visit the District Office, pop your head into Yao's cubicle and thank her for "making a difference" and "she matters!" #mpusdway